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It's Official

Posted on 2006.09.29 at 08:49
Current Mood: scaredscared
Today I recieved an email. It was a copy of orders. It stated that my husband's brigade had recieveed orders to deploy to Iraq. They leave in January. He will be there for 1 year. I am going to start a journal. I have not decided where yet but when I do I will post it. They say that the hardest job in the military is being a military wife. This will prove it. This whole time I knew he would be going. I have tried to prep myself. Thinking that I was ok with it. But nothing can prepare you for actually seeing these orders. My husband, my best friend, is going to Iraq.


Posted on 2006.08.28 at 09:12
Current Mood: busybusy
Hey! I am just sending a little note to let everyone know that we are moved and settled here in Georgia. I am including our new address and phone numbers in case you have not got it already. Everything went smooth for the most part, we had a few bumps in the road but all is well. Hunter started school this year in the Pre-K program, he is so happy to be in school! Brody has 2 teeth and is almost crawling. He is growing so fast! I am at the library right now as we have not had the internet hooked up yet but we should have it on by next week. Anywho here is our new address and phone number. Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Matthew and Lori Crawford
7033 Biak Circle Apt. D
Fort Stewart, GA 31314

(912) 980-1781


Posted on 2006.05.21 at 04:25
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
the next tiime i get online, i will be in the states....we leave here in 40 mins for the airport!!! talk to yall soon!!!!


Posted on 2006.05.19 at 08:51
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
ok so i leave sunday. matts mom is picking us up frm the airport. she wants to stop at eeryones house on th way to hers so they ca see the baby. i understand that but after a 10 hour flight and airpors with kids and luggage and everything i think i may be tired. just maybe. i asked her if we cold just go to the house. she said i could sleep in the car while she took the boys in to visit. ugh. so then whatever. i told her we could dont matter anymore. then i was talking to matt and just trying to get him to see my point of view, its not about even stopping anymore its i just want him to agree with me that its going to be a rough day. and he said, i dont see what the big deal is. i said youve neer traveled with children he then said that he was changing my flight and i could just go home with him in june so he can travel with kids. he wont.but now no one agrees with me. and the in laws are mad. m sister in law was coming down from georgia when matt got home, matts mom said we hae to stop at her housebecause she dont know when she will be able to hee the baby again because she cant afford to come down. so i she cant now why can she a month from now? all this just makes me so mad. does anyone out there agree with me?

Posted on 2006.05.16 at 02:58
i leave sunday! america here i come!!!!!!!!!!! (and walmart!)

Posted on 2006.05.09 at 00:28
13 days and i am outta here!!!!

i cant believe this.

Posted on 2006.05.03 at 10:38
There is a church group in Iowa that has been going to the funerals of dead soldiers and protesting the war. They have been holding signs stating things like "God Is Glad Your Soldier is Dead" and "Thank God for 911" and "Thank God For Aids". These people call themselves Christians and really need to be punished for their actions. You can see an interview of the groups representative at http://media.spikedhumor.com/24864/insane_woman_on_fox_news.wmv Please send this to everyone on your buddy list and see if we can beat these people down with our words against what they are doing. The soldiers are fighting for our right to live freely and their families do not need to be going through this at their funerals.

look what i made

Posted on 2006.04.22 at 22:51

here i come!!!

Posted on 2006.04.19 at 10:07
Current Mood: excitedexcited
im going back to the states in about a month. somewhere aound the 20th of may. matt wont be able to go til june 30th or so. he has his levy briefing today, that is a briefing to finalize his orders and assignment info...where hes going and when and what he will be doing and what not. i cant wait to go. i hate it here and im tired of germany im so excited!!!! homeward bound!!!!!!

Posted on 2006.04.18 at 07:47
You scored as Christianity. Your views are most similar to those of Christianity. Do more research on Christianity and possibly consider being baptized and accepting Jesus, if you aren't already Christian.

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